Ecobiz SACCO

Introducing the ECOBIZ SACCO

Ecobiz Sacco Limited is an emerging Savings and Credit Co-operative that caters for the needs of small and medium sized enterprises, with the sole objective of pooling savings to provide them with credit facilities. Additionally, we encourage a saving culture; and, give advice on prudent management of money as well as viable investment practices.

The culture and values practiced at Ecobiz are in line with guiding principles of the cooperative movement. We advocate for voluntary and open membership to all persons able to use our services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without any form of discrimination; and, we are an independent organization autonomous from influence and control by your employers, the organization you work for or the group you belong to.

Whereas most large organizations already have their own in-house Saccos, we are also keen in providing an alternative and autonomous choice for them by offering very specific financial solutions for far less and with processes that are less bureaucratic, we are also positioned, with our less bureaucratic processes, to provide entrepreneurs and their start up businesses a much needed alternative source of financing for business capital and expansion needs

Quality Assurance

Loans can be provided to individual members or to a group; Even in group membership, funds are still deposited in individual accounts; Ecobiz is a certified Sacco that is guided by the principles and by-laws of cooperative societies of Kenya; We have a supervisory committee that perform internal audit functions; additionally, we also have external auditors who ensure that funds are properly managed.


Meet our Team

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