Ecobiz Sacco

About Us

Ecobiz Sacco Limited Registered in 2013, Ecobiz was intent on empowering the low-income cadre by creating awareness about the saving culture, the youth and women are empowered to qualify for financing of their small trades using their savings as collateral. 

Our Mission

Ecobiz’s mission is to provide a safe haven for savings, create and propel sustainable economic empowerment, and encourage positive lifestyle choices for our members.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of SME Sacco services in the region

Our Key Pillars

Ecobiz Sacco currently has over 6000 members   generally categorized as SMEs,employees of SME’s,Creatives,Persons with Disability (PWDs), Association of Small and micro-Enterprises (AMSEA) Mombasa chapter, and domestic workers.  The Board Members of Ecobiz are all inclusive and are drawn from various SMEs, MSMES as well as the creatives.

We aim to create awareness about the saving culture and provide the opportunity to save as little as Kshs. 50 (USD 0.33) per day.  Our clientele generally saves up to Kshs.1000 (USD 6.7) in a month and our responsibility is to encourage them to consistently save for the sake of their businesses and families.  Using a co-guarantee mechanism (members saving guaranteeing fellow members) one can borrow up to three times the savings without additional security. For example, a member who saves for a period of 1-year Kshs 12,000(USD 80) can borrow up to Kshs 36,000 (USD 240) from the Sacco (1 USD = Ksh.150 September 2023)


Every Woman in Business will one day start to describe their enterprise in numbers and not narratives.

Module 1: Creating A Strong Business Foundation

Module 2: Mastering Business Promotion, Operations, and Supply Chain.

Module 3: Essential Skills for Successful Entrepreneurship

Changing our people mindset on saving their earnings as a pillar for sustainability.

The goal is to reach the unbanked;who shall be banked through the Sacco.

Success and failure stories sharing

Participants gain a thorough comprehension of the guiding principles, opportunities, and challenges within the Blue Economy sector, ultimately enabling them to contribute to the responsible and sustainable use of marine and aquatic resources.

Value of oceans and lakes as a key source of nutrition for our people eg seaweed,fish etc

Using the savings made the beneficiaries shall build a lifetime pipeline of access to finance by borrowing up to three times their savings using the co-guaranting system.

Ecobiz Sacco and Nyali Capital Ltd combined manage a loan portfolio of over Ksh.90 Million both through individual and group lending models.

We are domiciled in Mombasa as a business and we do have a branch in Nairobi.

In total we have 13 employees who deal with the SMEs daily.

Ecobiz Sacco is already implementing the project ‘the livelihood platform’ where 21 persons with mobility disability shall not only receive a wheelchair but also loans to start their businesses.

The package included financial literacy training that Ecobiz Sacco has partnered with other Entrepreneurship Support Organisations to mentor and coach the beneficiaries before they receive the loans.

Ecobiz Sacco and Nyali Capital Ltd staff are members of Kenya Business and Disability Network (KDBN) which vouches on the inclusion Of persons with Disability in places of work and Nyali Capital specifically empowers them through entrepreneurship.

    1. Nyali Capital Ecobiz Sacco works easily with partners such as Nyali Capital Ltd a credit only microfinance that started in the Coast ten years ago. Nyali Capital has over 5000 clients who have won and been financed for tenders of different amounts under the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).AGPO is a government initiative that supports the Women,the youth and Persons with Disability by giving them an opportunity to supply to the Government.
    1. Enicapital Foundation Ecobiz Sacco has worked closely with Enicapital Foundation whose aspirational goal is:
      1. To empower youth, women, and persons with disabilities to find their true purpose for which their acquired wealth is a means(tool) not the end.
      2. To shift the mindset for youth, women, and persons with disabilities on their relationship with money.
    1. KNCCI – Mombasa Chapter Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mombasa Chapter is an umbrella private business member organization where Ecobiz Sacco and Nyali Capital are members. The Vice Chairperson of Ecobiz Sacco is also the Director in charge of the Women in Business in the County.
  1. TAI The Accessibility Institute (TAI) is our latest partner where we are training and giving loans to 21 Persons with Disability who qualified for the project known as the Livelihood Program in Coast and Nairobi.