Ecobiz Sacco


Yes, this is possible. Loans can be guaranteed by currently owned assets such as Log book, Title deeds, and household items.

It takes 24hrs to access your loan after application.

Guarantors are required if you need to access a loan of up to three times or more on your savings.

We have a fast loan turnaround

Our share capital is as low as Ksh1,000

Flexible payment plans for registration and saving

Excellent customer service & relationships with clients are built on a close and trusting foundation

Yes – when profits made are adequate otherwise we re-invest the profits back to the Sacco

Savings are non-withdrawable. Savings can only be accessed after giving a 2-month notice of withdrawal from Ecobiz Sacco. If the purpose of the withdrawal is an emergency then 10% of the savings will be deducted as a withdrawal fee of which will be available within 14 days.

The amount paid as shares is not counted as savings.

No. Savings can only be withdrawn after a 2-month notice letter of withdrawal. Any earlier withdrawals will take up to 14 days and a deduction of up to 10% will be made on your savings.