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Bidii/Soko Account


Loan Products

Registration fee ksh 220
Minimum savings 500 per month
Daily savings of Ksh.50.00


Copy of national ID
2 Passport-sized photos

Must be a registered member of AMSEA.
Registration fee of Kshs 550.00 whereby 20% (of Ksh.500.) to AMSEA and 80% (of Kshs.500) to Ecobiz Sacco.
Minimum savings of Kshs 600.00 per month
Copy of national ID
Passport-sized photos
Fill a membership application form

One should be a registered member of Ecobiz SACCO.
Loan tenure is maximum 2 months for short-term loans.
Interest at a flat rate of 3.0 % per month shared; 1.25% goes to AMSEA and 1.75% to Ecobiz Sacco.
Member eligible for a loan after 2 months of saving.
5% processing fee where; 2% goes to AMSEA (legal fees) and 3% to Ecobiz
Insurance fee 2%.