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Savings Products

A partnership with the MSME’s that started in Mombasa has brought about growth and made Ecobiz Sacco a home for the mama mbogas and the men in the small trade.
We have designed products that suit their daily hustles.

Bidii/Soko Account

This account is for you the trader and individual who makes daily incomes and wants to make the best of themselves and their businesses out of their daily earnings.
These include Bodaboda, mama mboga/house helps.


This account is open to all members requiring them to make weekly contributions to build their savings.

Loan Products

This will be through providing both short term and long term credit facilities to members to provide the much-needed working capital.


The installment amount to be decided after the loan has been approved before disbursement.
10% of the loan amount will be deducted from the loan and credited to members’ savings accounts shared equally to go towards savings and share capital accumulation.
Loan guarantors who are also members of the SACCO.
No Top-up loans will be done to the members.
Long term loans commence after 6 months of consistent savings of the agreed minimum amount per month and Share capital of Kshs. 1,000.00 fully paid. At this point, the members enjoy the common benefits of a fully-fledged member in addition to the negotiated package.

Registration fee ksh 220
Minimum savings 500 per month
Daily savings of Ksh.50.00


Copy of national ID
2 Passport-sized photos

Must be a registered member of AMSEA.
Registration fee of Kshs 550.00 whereby 20% (of Ksh.500.) to AMSEA and 80% (of Kshs.500) to Ecobiz Sacco.
Minimum savings of Kshs 600.00 per month
Copy of national ID
Passport-sized photos
Fill a membership application form

One should be a registered member of Ecobiz SACCO.
Loan tenure is maximum 2 months for short-term loans.
Interest at a flat rate of 3.0 % per month shared; 1.25% goes to AMSEA and 1.75% to Ecobiz Sacco.
Member eligible for a loan after 2 months of saving.
5% processing fee where; 2% goes to AMSEA (legal fees) and 3% to Ecobiz
Insurance fee 2%.