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The Kenyan film and entertainment industry has long been taunted to be an unexplored multibillion shillings industry. It has the potential to employ hundreds if not thousands at any one time. In this regard, we understand that arts and entertainment are done by people who invest heart and soul to bring good production to life. However, afterward, they get a final gap due to lack of funds or irregular income thus unable to reach their full potential.

By partnering with artists in the road to financial freedom through instilling a saving culture and provision of highly negotiated loans to sort the artists and tech achieve their career and personal goals.

Wasanii Community Financial Empowerment

Ecobiz Sacco has tailored three savings packages that best fit the artist’s community in consideration with the following dynamics:

Msanii Shupavu Account

This account is meant for artists whose income is not guaranteed at regular intervals.
These are mostly artists with no side businesses and who depend on performance contracts most of which do not fourth come with predictable regularity.

Msanii Chipukizi Account

This account is meant for young incoming artists who mostly have no steady source of
income and are looking to grow with us.

The reliability of constant cash inflow
Difference in financial class status.
Availability of side sources of income
Nature of performance contracts.

These will be subjected to quarterly savings and evaluated for a loan on the basis of the savings tread within the quarters for loan qualifications.
Qualify for loans after saving for at least two quarters
Minimum saving of Ksh 15,000 per quarter
Withdrawal written notice of 60 days

These will be subjected to two months’ savings of at least Kshs. 500 per week after which they can qualify for a loan facility.
Qualify for loans after saving for at least two months
Withdrawal written notice of 60 days